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Tuition Fee Payment Options.

We aim to make fee payment as fair and painless as possible.

Our Certificate and Diploma courses have been divided into sensible increments that align with an academic calendar such as terms or semesters, or training phases in the case of flight training. Tuition fees can therefore be optionally paid in instalments that align with each stage of your course.

VET Student Loans

Flight One Academy is approved for the commonwealth government VET Student Loans scheme. Eligible individuals can therefore use VET Student Loans to pay, or partially pay tuition fees for eligible diploma courses. Please visit our VSL Information Page for more information.


VSL Information

Study Support.

We are here to help.

Our team of academics, engineers & training managers provide our students with willing access to support when studying, from homework assistance, to study-load management, to resume building & job-seeking advice.

Helping you progress

Our qualifications cover a range of highly-complex topics, and mastery within a narrow window of time is challenging; our student services team has more than a century of combined experience in helping students at every level – from high-school to postgrad.


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Training Aids.

Multi-media LMS

Our Learning Management System (online student learning resource) provides rich and engaging media to help you study, from interactive 3D renders, video content, and hundreds of test quizzes aligned to the Diploma programme and CASA exams.

Simulators & Training Aids

Flight training students enjoy access to brand-new, high-end Alsim Flight Simulators to aid with their development. Our engineering students train with industry-supplied equipment and authentic simulated training aids.

We Support our
Our Alumni.

Our training commitment doesn’t end when you graduate.

In addition to maintaining a lifelong relationship with our gradates, our breadth of offerings means we can continue to support our graduates’ learning needs as they progress through their careers.

Engineer Apprentices

As an approved apprentice training organisation, Flight One Academy has the capacity to work closely with apprentices and employers to complete Aeroskills training on the job. If you are already working in the industry as an unqualified engineer, or have an opportunity to undertake an apprenticeship, contact us to set up an apprentice training plan.


Career Support.

Not sure on how your pilot career should progress, how to become an airline pilot or an aircraft engineer?

As engaged industry professionals with decades of experience and connections Australia-wide, our team is here to provide the guidance you need.

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Check the FAQ to see the answers.


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