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VSL Withdrawal Policy

Flight one Academy – VET Student Loans Withdrawal Policy


Flight One Academy is committed to making sure that there are no financial barriers that would prevent a student from withdrawing before or on a census date.

A student may cancel their enrolment from a VET unit of study by withdrawing on or before the census date, in which case the student:

Process for Withdrawal

Students must notify Flight One Academy in writing if they wish to withdraw from a VET unit of study or want to cancel a request for Commonwealth assistance. This should be done as soon as possible and ideally via email to the Student Services Department: studentservices@flightoneacademy.edu.au.

The responsible manager would then make a time to discuss and help resolve difficulties that might influence a student’s decision to withdraw. However, if the student has indicated in writing on or before a census date that they are considering withdrawing from a unit of study, Flight One Academy will ensure that they are not enrolled in that VET unit of study or subsequent units of study from the time of notification.

The Student Services Manager is the first point of contact in the withdrawal process and they will ensure the student completes the Student Withdrawal Form, which will be kept on the student’s file.

Re-Enrolment in a Vet Unit Of Study

Flight One Academy will not enrol students who have withdrawn from a VET unit of study, in subsequent units of study without written instruction from the student. Students who wish to re-enrol in a VET unit of study are required to notify the Student Services Manager in writing indicating the date of return to training.

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