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VSL Enrolment Policy

Flight One Academy – VET Student Loans Enrolment Policy

(Equal and fair treatment of students seeking to enrol)


Flight One Academy is committed to providing equal and fair treatment for students in the enrolment process and during their application for a VET Student Loan in line with the requirements of the VET Student Loans Act 2016. All relevant staff are responsible for ensuring that the policy is read, adhered to and publicised to all customers.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that, where a student chooses to apply for a VET Student Loan, that Flight One Academy meets the requirements of the VSL Act and the VSL Rules.

This applies to:

(a)  the selection of students seeking to enrol in approved courses; and

(b)  the treatment of such students.

Where relevant, a student may be enrolled in accordance with an arrangement that:

(a)  was entered into between the provider and an employer or industry body; and

(b)  limits or restricts enrolments in some or all of the places in the course

Fair Treatment

Flight One Academy undertakes to apply fairness in the treatment of students, particularly with regard to VET Student Loans, during enrolment. This can mean that students may in some cases be treated differently (from each other) in order to allow Flight One Academy to take into account the varying circumstances of each student.

Equal Benefits and Opportunities

Flight One Academy maintains fair and transparent enrolment procedures that are merit based when making decisions about students applying to undertake studies covered by the VET Student Loans scheme. Each application will be considered, in an open, fair and transparent manner in order to ensure that equal benefits and opportunities are being presented.

A student’s income is not a consideration in making assessments related to enrolment entry into a course with or without VET Student Loans. Where feasible, reasonable adjustments may be made where a student is deemed to have been educationally disadvantages.

Restricted Access

Flight One Academy may, where relevant, restrict access for enrolment in a course on the basis that there is an arrangement entered into with an industry body or employer. Enrolment in such cases may be limited or restricted to employees of the employer or industry body only, at Flight One Academy’s discretion.

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