Application Lodgement Terms and Conditions

In lodging an online application with Flight One Academy, the Applicant confirms their agreement with the following Terms and Conditions:

(1) Flight One Academy is not under any obligation to offer the Applicant a place in a course and should the Applicant is not obligated to accept any such offer if received.

(2) Should the Applicant enrol in a course, Flight One Academy is required to submit data sourced from the application form to the national VET administrative collection as a regulatory reporting requirement.

(3) The information contained in the application form may be used for administrative, regulatory and/or research purposes by Flight One Academy or Government departments and agencies and authorised VET related bodies and regulators.

(4) The Applicant may receive a National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) student survey as a result of lodging this application.

(5) The Applicant is aware of and agrees with Flight One Academy’s publicly available Privacy Policy.

(6) The Applicant declares that the information provided on the application form is true and correct and is aware of the consequences that may arise from providing false, misleading or incomplete information, including withdrawal of any offer made by Flight One Academy and / or the cancellation of enrolment in a Flight One Academy course.

Privacy Policy

At Flight One Academy, we are committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with the Privacy Act 1998 (Cth). This Privacy Policy describes our current policies and practices in relation to the handling and use of personal information.

As an RTO, we use students’ personal information (such as name, address, attendance records and results) for general student administration as well as for planning, communication, research, evaluation and marketing activities undertaken by us. Only authorised departmental officers have access to this information. Your personal information may be disclosed to Commonwealth and Government Agencies. It is your obligation to notify ICAT of a change of address and contact details while enrolled in the course.

What information do we collect and how do we use it?

We will ask you for personal information when we assist you with your aeronautical pursuits. We use the information you provide to advise about potential solutions and assist with your payment arrangements. We only provide your information to the companies with whom you choose to deal (and their representatives). In the case of payment information, the data is managed by our Bank and is not held by Flight One directly.

We also use your information to send you requested product information and to enable us to manage your ongoing relationship with us e.g. invoicing, client surveys etc. We may do so by mail or electronically unless you tell us that you do not wish to receive electronic communications.

We may occasionally notify you about promotions, new services and special offers, events or articles we think will be of interest to you. We may send you regular updates by email or by post. If you would rather not receive this information, email or write to us.

We may also use your information internally to help us improve our services and help resolve any problems.

What if you don’t provide some information to us?

If you don’t provide us with full information, we can’t properly advise or assist you with your needs.

How do we hold and protect your information?

We strive to maintain the reliability, accuracy, completeness and currency of the personal information we hold and to protect its privacy and security. We keep personal information only for as long as is reasonably necessary for the purpose for which it was collected or to comply with any applicable legal or ethical reporting or document retention requirement.

We hold the information we collect from you (with the exception of credit or personal banking information) safely stored in our office; electronic information is securely kept on our server. We take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, medication or exposure.

We ensure that your information is safe by applying appropriate measures and security procedures. We require all staff to maintain the confidentiality of customer information. Access to information is restricted to employees whose job requires access to the information. Access to our computer system is restricted through password protection.

Will we disclose the information we collect to anyone?

We do not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others.

We may need to provide your information to third parties e.g to CASA for administration and supervision activities, contractors who supply services to us e.g. to handle mailings on our behalf, or to other companies in the event of a corporate sale, merger, reorganisation, dissolution or similar event. However, we will do our best to ensure that they protect your information in the same way that we do.

We may also provide your information to others if we are required to do so by law or under some unusual other circumstances which the Privacy Act permits.


As an RTO, under the Data Provision Requirements 2012, we are required to collect personal information about you and to disclose that personal information to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research Ltd (NCVER).

Your personal information (including the personal information contained on this enrolment form and your training activity data) may be used or disclosed by us for statistical, regulatory and research purposes.

We may disclose your personal information for these purposes to third parties, including:

  • School – if you a secondary student undertaking VET(Vocational Education and Training), Including a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship;
  • Employer – if you are enrolled in training paid by your employer;
  • Commonwealth and State or Territory government departments and authorised agencies;
  • NCVER;
  • Organisations conducting student surveys; and
  • Researchers

Personal information disclosed to NCVER may be used or disclosed for the following purposes:

  • Issuing a VET Statement of Attainment or VET Qualification, and populating Authenticated VET Transcripts;
  • facilitating statistics and research relating to education, including surveys;
  • understanding how the VET market operates, for policy, workforce planning and consumer information; and
  • administering VET, including program administration, regulation, monitoring and evaluation.

You may receive an NCVER student survey which may be administered by an NCVER employee, agent or third party contractor. You may opt out of the survey at the time of being contacted.

NCVER will collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), the VET Data Policy and all NCVER policies and protocols (including those published on NCVER’s website at

ESOS Act and the National Code 2007 (international students only)

Information is collected on forms including web-forms and during your enrolment in order to meet our obligations under the ESOS Act and the National Code 2007; to ensure student is compliant with the conditions of their visas and their obligations under Australian immigration laws generally. The authority to collect this information is contained in the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000, the Education Services for Overseas Students Regulations 2001 and the National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2017. Information collected about you during your enrolment can be provided, in certain circumstances, to the Australian Government and designated authorities and, if relevant, the Australian Skills Quality Authority, Overseas Student Tuition Fund Manager in Tuition Protection Service department. In other instances, information collected during your enrolment can be disclosed without your consent where authorized or required by law.

How can you check, update or change the information we are holding?

Upon receipt of your written request and enough information to allow us to identify the information, we will disclose to you the personal information we hold about you. We will also correct, amend or delete any personal information that we agree is inaccurate.

If you wish to access or correct your personal information please write to We do not charge for receiving a request for access to personal information or for complying with a correction request. We do not charge for providing access to personal information.

Your consent

By asking us to assist with your aeronautical needs, you consent to the collection and use of the information you have provided to us for the purposes described above.

Tell us what you think

We welcome your questions and comments about privacy. If you have any concerns or complaints, please contact Managing Director and Principal Privacy Officer, Lucas Tisdall.

Complaints & Appeals

Nature of complaints and appeals

Flight One Academy responds to all allegations involving the conduct of:

  • The RTO, its trainers and assessors and other staff.
  • Any third party providing Services on behalf of Flight One Academy.
  • Any student or client of Flight One Academy.
  • Complaints may be made in relation to any of Flight One Academy’s services and activities such as:
  • the application and enrolment process
  • marketing information
  • the quality of training and assessment provided
  • training and assessment matters, including student progress, student support and assessment requirements
  • the way someone has been treated
  • the actions of another student

An appeal is a request for a decision made by Flight One Academy to be reviewed. Decisions may have been about:

  • course admissions
  • refund assessments
  • response to a complaint
  • assessment outcomes / results
  • other general decisions made by Flight One Academy

Principles of resolution

Flight One Academy is committed to developing a procedurally fair complaints and appeals process that is carried out free from bias, following the principles of natural justice. Through this policy and procedure, Flight One Academy ensures that complaints and appeals:

  • Are responded to in a consistent and transparent manner.
  • Are responded to promptly, objectively, with sensitivity and confidentiality.
  • Are able to be made at no cost to the individual.
  • Are used as an opportunity to identify potential causes of the complaint or appeal and take actions to prevent the issues from recurring as well as identifying any areas for improvement.

Flight One Academy will inform all persons or parties involved in any allegations made as well as providing them with an opportunity to present their side of the matter.

Nothing in this policy and procedure limits the rights of an individual to take action under Australia’s Consumer Protection laws and it does not circumscribe an individual’s rights to pursue other legal remedies.

Where a student chooses to access this policy and procedure, Flight One Academy will maintain the student’s enrolment while the complaints/appeals handling process is ongoing.

Timeframes for resolution

Complaints and appeals will be finalised as soon as practicable or at least within 30 calendar days unless there is a significant reason for the matter to take longer. In matters where additional time is needed, the complainant or appellant will be advised in writing of the reasons and will be updated weekly on the progress of the matter until such a time that the matter is resolved.

Records of complaints and appeals

Flight One Academy will maintain a record of all complaints and appeals and their outcomes on the Complaints and Appeals Register, which will be securely stored according to the Privacy Policy and Procedures.

Making a complaint or appeal

  • Complaints about a particular incident should be made within ninety (90) calendar days of the incident occurring and appeals must be made within thirty (30) calendar days of the original decision being made.
  • Complaints and appeals must be made in writing using the Complaints and Appeals Form, or other written format and sent to Flight One Academy’s office at 224 Qantas Avenue Archerfield Queensland 4108 attention to the Chief Executive Officer.
  • When making a complaint or appeal, provide as much information as possible to enable Flight One Academy to investigate and determine an appropriate solution. This should include:
  • The issue you are complaining about or the decision you are appealing – describe what happened and how it affected you.
  • Any evidence you have to support your complaint or appeal.
  • Details about the steps you have already taken to resolve the issue.
  • Suggestions about how the matter might be resolved.
  • Your complaint or appeal will be acknowledged in writing via email or post within 7 days.

Resolution of complaints and appeals

  • Some or all members of the management team of Flight One Academy will be involved in resolving complaints and appeals as outlined in the procedures.
  • Where a complaint or appeal involves another individual or organisation, they will be given the opportunity to respond to any allegations made.
  • Where a third party delivering Services on behalf of the RTO is involved, they will be included in the process of resolving the complaint or appeal.
  • In the case of an assessment appeal, an assessor who is independent from the original decision will assess the original task again. The outcome of this assessment will be the result granted for the assessment task.

Independent parties

Flight One Academy acknowledges the need for an appropriate independent party to be appointed to review a matter where this is requested by the complainant or appellant and the internal processes have failed to resolve the matter. Costs associated with independent parties to review a matter must be covered by the complainant/appellant unless the decision to include an independent party was made by Flight One Academy.

Flight One Academy may also appoint the independent party to be involved in the resolution of a complaint or appeal where it is deemed necessary.

The independent party recommended by Flight One Academy is the Resolution Institute, however complainants and appellants are able to use their own external party at their own cost.

Flight One Academy will provide complete cooperation with the external mediator investigating the complaint/appeal and will be bound by the recommendations arising out of this process.

The CEO will ensure that any recommendations made are implemented within twenty (20) days of being notified of the recommendations. The complainant or appellant will also be formally notified in writing of the outcome of the mediation.

External complaint avenues

Complaints can also be made via the following avenues:

  • National Complaints Hotline:

The National Training Complaints Hotline is a national service for consumers to register complaints concerning vocational education and training. The service refers consumers to the appropriate agency/authority/jurisdiction to assist with their complaint. Consumers can register a complaint with the National Training Complaints Hotline by:

For more information about the National Complaints Hotline, refer to the following webpage:

  • Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA):

Complainants may also complain to Flight One Academy’s RTO’s registering body: Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). However, ASQA will only use the information you provide to inform its regulatory approach and will not contact Flight One Academy on behalf of the complainant or act as their advocate. For more information, refer to the following webpage:—domestic-students/make-a-complaint—domestic-students1.html

Refund Policy

General Student Refund Policy

If you cancel or withdraw from your course for any reason, excluding visa rejection (above), the following terms will apply:

  • More than 10 weeks before the term, we shall refund all pre-paid tuition fees, less an administration charge of $250.
  • Less than 10 weeks but more than 4 weeks prior to the term, we will refund 60% of the term tuition fees plus 100% of any tuition fees pre-paid for subsequent terms, less an administration charge of $250.
  • Less than 4 weeks prior to the term, we will refund 30% of the term tuition fees plus 100% of any tuition fees pre-paid for subsequent terms, less an administration charge of $250.
  • After the term commences, we will not refund the term tuition will be non-refundable. Tuition fees pre-paid for subsequent terms will be refunded according to the above terms, less an administration charge of $250.

All enrolments are accepted subject to a minimum number in a course. If we are unable to deliver the course all pre-paid tuition fees shall be refunded.

Where non-tuition fees have been paid to a third party such as OSHC provider, you will be required to apply to the third party for a refund of those fees.

Aviation Industry RPL / Modular Student Refunds

Fees paid for the purpose of Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL) assessments, advice and services are non-refundable once paid.

Student undertaking individual modules of study for RPL or any other purpose are not eligible for a refund once the module materials have been sent / access granted to learning materials.

Payment of Refunds

  • All requests for refunds or credit transfers are must be made by lodging a completed Refund Request Form to the Student Administration Manager.
    The Refund Request Form is available here>>.
  • Approved refunds may be transferable to another institution or refunded to a bank account.
  • This must be given in writing via an email or a written letter with your signature.
  • You can apply for a refund at any time, but must allow enough time for us to process your application. We will approve/reject the request for refund within 14 days  after receiving the written request.
  • Payment of refunds will be returned to the person entered into the contract, unless notified in writing by this person at the time the refund request is made.
  • Refunds may include fees paid by the student for:
    • Tuition
    • Oversees student health cover (international students only), and
    • Any other fees paid in advance for non-issued portions of training materials, field trips, uniforms, etc.

Note: Fees do not include the cost of accommodation or meals, individual textbooks, stationery, uniforms, materials, tools or other individual items of equipment necessary for the course previously issued or utilised unless otherwise indicated.

  • Where non-tuition fees have been paid to a third party such as OSHC provider, you will be required to apply to the third party for a refund of those fees.

Fast Tracking

  • Structure and duration of our courses are subject to change. Course fees reflect the content of the course and the award, not the duration; therefore, there is no automatic reduction of tuition fees if you complete the course in a shorter duration than the published length of the course. Tuition fees may be reduced or refunds may be granted if you are granted sufficient credits or exemptions.
  • If you ‘fast track’ and complete your course in a shorter time than that specified in your Letter of Offer, you are not entitled to any refund of tuition fees. Any monies outstanding at completion (includes tuition fees, late charges, bank charges) may affect your eligibility to graduate.

Fees and Charges

Course Fees 

  • Standard Course Application is currently free ($0.00).
  • Standard Course fees are published on the relevant Course page
  • The minimum Application Fee for Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL) is $250.00

Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL) Fees 

  • The fee for an Aircraft Engineer RPL Report is published on the Engineer RPL Services page
  • The minimum Application Fee for Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL) is $250.00
  • Minimum charge per unit of competency assessed through RPL is $200.00


  • All course fees include up to three (3) attempts at assessment per task.
  • After the third attempt, the student will need to re-do the unit or block of study where unit is part of a block (cluster) at the published fee.

Re-issuing of testamur and statements of results

  • All course fees include the cost for issuing of one copy of the AQF testamur and Record of Results and/or a Statement of Attainment.
  • A fee of $80.00 applies to each additional copy of a certification document issued.
  • Requests for additional academic documents must be made in writing to
  • Requests for additional academic documents will be processed within 10 business days

COVID-19 Policy


In order to protect and ensure the ongoing health and safety of our extended team, we have taken the necessary steps to ensure we remain compliant and up to date with the current restrictions and guidelines issued by the Queensland Government.

Hand sanitizer is readily available at all locations along with single use, sustainable hand towels. We have increased our sanitation routines for both our office spaces, classrooms, amenities, workshops and aircraft and undertake daily screening of staff and visitors using non-contact procedures.

Whilst on our premises, all individuals are required to observe social distancing guidelines and remain at least 1.5M away from other individuals.
We have a register stationed at each location and have made it a condition of entry that all visitors and contractors supply their contact details. These will be kept securely for a minimum of 56 Days in order to support tracing efforts should there be any confirmed cases effecting the local community.

For all Passengers on Flight One Aircraft, we have implemented a Passenger Questionnaire and Manifest including the details of the aircraft, pilot, additional crew, passengers and destination. This also includes an additional section for recording the temperature of each passenger at the beginning of each day using non-contact procedures.

We acknowledge that this is a difficult time for many, and whilst we remain in a position to deliver the quality service that we pride ourselves in, we will continue to put the interest of our extended flying family first.

TAG Safety Committee

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