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Trial InstructionAL Flights

The Trial Instructional Flight, or TIF, is generally the first introduction many people have to the world of flight. The opportunity to take to the skies with one of our experienced team can be yours before you even hold a student licence.

In the usual course of events, we will offer you the opportunity to get ‘hands on’, and learn about the effects of the aircraft’s controls, some of the rules of the skies and to get a feel for a few of the sequences that a pilot goes through in safely aviating their machine.

Archerfield’s two training areas (over Moreton Bay and over the Scenic Rim) provide a choice of ocean views or rural scenes as you get up close and personal with the cockpit layout.

Current prices for a half hour TIF in our Cessna 172 training aircraft will set you back around $230 (GST inc). It could be the first step to one of the most rewarding careers you can possibly have!

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Private Hire

Tisdall Aviation Group has a range of aircraft available for private hire. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements, and let you know of the associated pricing for the aircraft that suits your needs.

Each aircraft is subject to a Condition & Use Agreement. Please contact our team for further advice. Our Hirer’s are responsible for returning the aircraft in the same condition it left. Think of visiting Avis, or Europcar and apply the same principles to our fleet.

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A flight review is an opportunity to receive training that refreshes your flying skills and operational knowledge. Pilots undertake flight reviews to ensure they continue to be competent flying particular types of aircraft or exercising the privileges of an operational rating.

After gaining a qualification, it is normal for some skills to deteriorate over time. A flight review ensures your piloting skills remain – or are brought back up – to standard.

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Pilot Licence.

Basic RPL

Under CASA’s Part 61 framework, the RPL represents the first level of Australian pilot licencing. It comes with a couple of options, and some limitations. The first limitation is that it is not an internationally recognized licence. The second limitation is that you can only operate a single-engine aircraft and cannot operate an aircraft greater than 1500kg in maximum take-off weight (MTOW). Thirdly, if you only obtain a Recreational Aviation Medical Practitioners Certificate (rather than a Class 1 or 2 Medical), you can carry only one passenger.

RPL+ Programme

This upgrade to your basic RPL really lets you stretch your wings! You can expect training in how to effectively navigate through all classes of airspace during the program which will generally include 6 hours of dual training and 5 hours of solo flight. When the competencies have been achieved, Flight One will issue you with both a Navigation Endorsement and a Controlled Airspace Endorsement (not to be confused with the Controlled Aerodrome Endorsement included in the basic RPL programme).

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Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

The PPL is an internationally recognized licence that serves as the gateway to more advanced training and aircraft. With a PPL, you may operate any single or multi-engine aircraft (with appropriate Class Rating) up to 5700kg MTOW. The total time required is 40 hours of flight experience as a minimum, and involves training in the use of GPS for en route Navigation.

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Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

With a little over 200 hours experience (which will likely include an Instrument Rating), you will find yourself job ready. Our program of commercial tuition teaches not only proficient flying, but also how to be a part of a complex, operational aviation industry community – something that continues to set Flight One apart from much of our competition. Our Safety First, Safety Always philosophy will encourage you to reach your career potential and make command decisions that will ensure the safety of your passengers.

The CPL is available as a stand alone non-award course, or as a formal diploma programme with VET Student Loans as a tuition fee payment option.

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Instrument Rating

An instrument rated pilot can conduct flying operations in an aircraft for which they are endorsed under the Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). This enables flight in poor weather, low visibility and night flying conditions. The Instrument Rating is available as a stand alone non-award course, or as a formal diploma programme with VET Student Loans as a tuition fee payment option.

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Multi Engine

We are proud to offer training that goes beyond the bare minimum so that our graduates achieve the safe, competent and professional standards we look for in the pilots we work with.

We are sure on all counts that we exceed the standard required to ensure you are trained to a safe, competent and professional standard. Unlike much of our competition, we do not take short cuts and for this we offer no apologies.

Flight One regularly operates Partenavia, Baron 58, Cessna 310 and Piper Chieftain twin engine aircraft, and carries approvals for many more. Type familiarisation under a Part 61 Multi Engine Class Rating are available on many of these machines, with a few provisos.

We recommend the Partenavia as a platform for an initial Multi Engine Class Rating, with Baron familiarisation following thereafter as a real ‘job getter’. For many operators in the top end, Baron experience is a pre-requisite for acceptance into a role, or is required fairly shortly after an engagement by an employer. Given our time operating in the ‘real world’ of charter, we are well equipped to pass on a few hints and tips for managing this workhorse of the skies.

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Night VFR (NVFR)

A Night VFR rating allows the holder to pilot an aircraft at night in Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC). A Night VFR may be applied to a Private, Commercial or Airline Transport Pilot Licence.

NVFR operations are not the same as flying at night under IFR, even though proficiency in instrument flying and use of radio navigation systems is required.

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Flight Instructor Rating

To obtain a flight crew licence, rating or endorsement, pilots are required to complete training delivered by a suitably qualified instructor. The role of Flight Instructor is critical to ensuring safe and reliable flight operations in Australia and is therefore regulated by CASA. The Flight Instructor Rating is the CASA rating required to deliver training as a Flight Instructor.

Delivered over an intensive 12 weeks at our Archerfield training base, the Flight One Flight Instructor course will challenge you to be your best. You will hone your skills, increase your knowledge and create greater career security – all while building valuable flight hours.

For those who love teaching and working in a team, Flight Instructing offers a rewarding, enjoyable career – one that carries great responsibility and can last a lifetime.

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Manual Prop Pitch COntrol

Included in our CPL programme, the Manual Propeller Pitch Control Endorsement enables pilots to fly more advanced aircraft.

Our advanced twin-engine aircraft are fitted with variable pitch propellers, enabling better efficiency, increased airspeed and lower fuel consumption.

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Retractible Undercarriage

Aircraft with retractable undercarriage experience less drag and are higher performing than fixed undercarriage aircraft. Becoming proficient in more complex types, such as those with a retractable undercarriage makes you more attractive to aviation operators.



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