School of Engineering

Get Paid, Fix Planes.

See our 2020 campaign hype video, designed to excite high-school students into the field of aircraft engineering!

Aircraft Engineering is one of the most cool, rewarding and engaging careers; you get to work with your hands to make aircraft safe. Our goal, is to help train a generation of truly great engineers. 🛠

Flight One Academy is today launching a brand new campaign ‘Fix Planes, Get Paid’, highlighting our unique Aeroskills program. You’ll see us a whole bunch more across school and career events – plus, we have a bunch of cool things dropping into the feeds over the next few months. 🛫

Do you know someone who’d love to fix planes? Drop us a line! – we have spaces available for our 2021 commencement, plus we have our super exciting Certificate II program for students entering Grade 11 & 12.