In order to protect and ensure the ongoing health and safety of our extended team, we have taken the necessary steps to ensure we remain compliant and up to date with the current restrictions and guidelines issued by the Queensland Government.

Hand sanitizer is readily available at all locations along with single use, sustainable hand towels. We have increased our sanitation routines for both our office spaces, classrooms, amenities, workshops and aircraft and undertake daily screening of staff and visitors using non-contact procedures.

Whilst on our premises, all individuals are required to observe social distancing guidelines and remain at least 1.5M away from other individuals.
We have a register stationed at each location and have made it a condition of entry that all visitors and contractors supply their contact details. These will be kept securely for a minimum of 56 Days in order to support tracing efforts should there be any confirmed cases effecting the local community.

For all Passengers on Flight One Aircraft, we have implemented a Passenger Questionnaire and Manifest including the details of the aircraft, pilot, additional crew, passengers and destination. This also includes an additional section for recording the temperature of each passenger at the beginning of each day using non-contact procedures.

We acknowledge that this is a difficult time for many, and whilst we remain in a position to deliver the quality service that we pride ourselves in, we will continue to put the interest of our extended flying family first.

TAG Safety Committee

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