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Trial Instructional Flight


The Trial Instruction Flight, or TIF, is generally the first introduction many people have to the world of flight. The opportunity to take to the skies with one of our experienced instructors can provide you with an immersive insight into commercial pilot training. The TIF is also a loggable flight training event, so you can optionally purchase or bring a pilot logbook and log your flight time toward a pilot licence.


$176 (incl. GST)


30min Flight Time

Entry Requirements, Cost, & Details

Course Details

What is a TIF?

A Trial Instructional Flight is a one hour pilot training session that includes an actual flight lesson with half an hour air-time. We recommend TIF’s for those who are looking at starting their flying journey as it’s a great way to get a feel for flying, the controls and airspace, in a safe environment and under the guidance of a professional, experienced instructor.

TIFs are usually conducted in one of our smaller aircraft such as a Cessna 162, a 2-seat training aircraft ideal for beginners. Cessna 162’s are weight-limited, so if a candidate is over 90kg, there may be a requirement to switch to our primary training aircraft – the Cessna 172, a larger 4-seater.

What will I get to do?

During the flight, depending on your aptitude and confidence, we will offer you the opportunity to get ‘hands on’, and learn about the effects of the aircraft’s controls, some of the rules of the skies and to get a feel for a few of the sequences that a pilot goes through in safely operating an aircraft. Please note that passengers are not permitted during TIFs and complex tasks such as take offs and landings are always handled by the instructor.

Where will I fly?

TIFs can be conducted from either our Archerfield Airport campus or our Gold Coast Coolangatta Airport campus. These departure points provide a wonderful choice of scenery to fly over, such as Moreton Bay, Gold Coast beaches and the Scenic Rim. And yes – you can take photos!


We can take bookings from anyone capable of undertaking the training – usually over about 13 years of age and tall enough to operate the foot controls. Medical clearance is not required but TIFs are not recommended for anyone with known medical conditions that could cause issues during the flight.

TIF’s are also weather dependent so it is important to be prepared for delays or deferral of the flight if it becomes necessary to work around unsuitable weather. Where possible, we will advise you in advance.


  • TIFs conducted in the Cessna 162: $176 (incl. GST)
  • TIFs conducted in the Cessna 172: $231 (incl. GST)

We have credit card payment facilities in the office for your convenience along with lounge, tea and coffee facilities for friends/family accompanying you.


Please ensure on the day you wear sunscreen, closed shoes, comfortable clothing and sunglasses in case of glare in the cockpit and don’t forget a camera / phone for some great photos.

Logging your flight

Your .5 (30 minutes) flight time can also be added to a logbook and counted towards total flight hours also. If you don’t have one, a pilot logbook can be purchased from on campus, or on-line for approximately $40.00.

How to Apply

Booking a TIF is simple! Just call 07 3123 7300 during office hours or use our enquiry form here>> and our Flight Training Team will get straight back to you.