Our Courses

First Aid (incl. CPR)

School of Health Services

Diploma of Aeroskills

School of Engineering

First Aid - CPR Refresher

School of Health Services

Certificate IV in Aeroskills

School of Aircraft Engineering

Aeroskills RPL

School of Engineering

High School Aeroskills

School of Engineering

Diploma of Aviation (IR)

School of Aviation

Diploma of Aviation (CPL)

School of Aviation

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Why study with flight one academy?

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Focus on individuals

Our Group has a focus on individuals,
not mass production. Enjoy a
personalised learning experience that
meets your specific needs.

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Safety first

Safety is a major priority. If learning in an
environment that promotes your
wellbeing is of appeal, then you’re in
good hands with the Flight One family.

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Quality is key

Industry credibility is everything. Learn
new skills with practiced professionals
who are looking to promote quality
performance outcomes.