Study Aircraft Engineering in Brisbane

Flight One Academy School of Engineering

Flight One Academy’s School of Engineering has evolved rapidly through the incorporation of ICAT Aviation College, a maintenance training organisation based in Archerfield, enabling students to study aircraft engineering in Brisbane with an industry-owned academy.

Working in close cooperation with Flight Maintenance Australia, a busy Archerfield Airport based Maintenance & Repair Organisation (also a member of the Tisdall Aviation Group), the School of Engineering offers Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) through a selection of formal qualifications registered with the  Australian Skills Quality Authority  (ASQA).

For working engineers, industry and higher education clients, our School of Engineering designs and delivers bespoke aviation training solutions that inspire greater participation in building a safer, stronger and more capable global aviation community.

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Study Aircraft Engineering in Brisbane
Aircraft Engineers get paid to fix and maintain the aircraft that enable global commerce.

Fix Planes, Get Paid.

Engineering is one of the most fascinating, rewarding and engaging career paths, requiring skills crucial to enabling global commerce, and one that can take you across the world maintaining fleets for commercial, military and private operators.

Working on aircraft is for people who like problem-solving, working with their hands, and working in a disciplined team-driven environment. As a student and graduate, you will have the opportunity to disassemble aircraft engines, rebuild instruments, and fully grasp the fundamentals of flight.

For those people who are passionate and inspired by aircraft engineering, my academic team and I are prepared to dedicate ourselves to developing the theoretical and practical knowledge you require to become a quality candidate.

At Flight One Academy, we want to give our graduates the greatest potential to succeed in this dynamic industry, to get out and earn a living as a quality, safety-focused engineer. 

Engineering Training Centre in Brisbane
Our aircraft engineering training facilities are design for helping our graduates get broad experience.

Enabling Commerce

Maintenance engineers fix and service aircraft to ensure that commercial and private fleets stay safe in the skies around the world. Aviation enables modern commerce across industries such as transport and logistics, tourism, travel, and health and safety; each requiring reliable, safe aircraft. 

Facilities & Training

Flight One Academy School of Engineering training facilities are co-located at Archerfield airport with our aircraft repair facility, Flight Maintenance Australia.

Our training staff (including former civilian and military engineers, and a physicist and university professor) are aided by a host of relevant training aids and access to live maintenance operations and personnel.

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